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Use Daydream Mode

Daydream mode is initially made available for Nexus 4 and Android 4.2 users. If you own a Nexus 4 then here is what you need to do:

• Place your Nexus 4 on charging an it will automatically transform into a clock that uses the night mode. This comes handy when you wake up in the middle of night trying to figure out what time it is. The dim light background makes it perfectly visible without being loud.

Displaying Photos

For all those who are always busy clicking pictures and keeping memories alive Google gives them the best option. Photo Table and Photo Frame are such features that are present in the Daydream apps that come handy for an amazing slideshow. You can create slideshows by gathering pictures or albums from the Gallery. When you enable the mode your device will begin to display pictures from albums. This is what you call transforming your device into a digital picture frame. The screen will display one picture at a time when you use the Photo Frame app but if you want to display multiple pictures then use the Photo Table app.

Displaying Quotes

For a more inspirational morning and positive start of your day you can even render Daydream Quotes to display random quotes. Whenever your device is on this mode it will automatically begin to display quotes. The neat display of white on black will instantly grab your attention without being loud.


This is yet another interesting aspect that is compatible with Daydream Mode. Flipboard serves you with instant updates by going through latest updated content available on the app. This way you will be constantly tuned into new and interesting content without any hassle of unlocking your device for checking it.

Other Options

You can check out other options too that include:

• Zoum Twitter that is compatible with Daydream for displaying latest tweets

• Weather Daydream, this is a screen saver that gives you latest weather report; this will cost you $3. Beautiful Widgets is yet another such app that will give you a beautiful display of weather along with time

• Another hidden app in Daydream provides a floating jelly beans display on your device. Go to the Daydream apps and locate BeanFlinger