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Recognize Online Fraud

Scamming Techniques
The broader term for all kinds of scams and hacking technique is social engineering. This is what developers with malicious intent do to trick people and influence their decisions. The most heard of term is called cold reading where most of the time another is tricking the victims into revealing facts about them and their private information. Additionally knowing your target is yet another trick that is employed by such developers, who are more into collecting maximum information on likes and dislikes of users online. Ads and choices of ads whenever clicked or accessed by users go directly to the database of such companies.

It all begins by harnessing information from various social media websites. These are not merely information gathering techniques but also about strategizing attacks based on information received. Facebook seems to be the ultimate social media circuit where numerous users are often taking various surveys, quizzes or clicking ads choices.

The best tactic employed by scammers is to not let a user think critically. The best example is that of an ad, which is designed as Amazon shipping e-mail. It seems more like a personal message that has arrived from Amazon about an order delay due to declined credit card. Often a user falls to this trap and clicks the link within the e-mail without once checking the authenticity of the source. Then the link is directed towards a website where a user is supposed to share financial information. Often many fall into this trap and divulge their private information.

The trick involves carrying out a survey online and then picking popular choice like shopping website or game downloads anything that users are interested at large. Online shopping is a widespread phenomenon that requires transfers from PayPal, Amazon orders and UPS shipping.