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Monthly Archives: April 2017

Get Started With Apple Pay

To begin with you need the latest version of the iPhone or iPad. You need iPhone 6/ 6 Plus, iPad Air Mini 3 and iPad Air 2. These devices are capable of utilizing the technology and they are equipped with Secure Element chip that ensures secure payment as it is encrypted.

First of all, in order to use Apple Pay, you need an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 2, or iPad Mini 3.

It is due to Secure Element chip technology, which keeps your payment information secure. Another technology used is that of NFC that helps in facilitating payments in stores where it is supported.

The NFC technology however helps you in making payments by holding iPhone against the payment reader. If your tablet does not include NFC antennas then you can use Apple Pay with retailers’ app.

The iOS 8 and 8.1 too includes the feature of Apple Pay that will help you get rid of carrying cards or cash.

Setting up Apple Pay

You need to begin with setting up the Apple Pay option and for this apply the following steps:

• Go to Passbook and launch it

• Tap on the ‘+’ sign that appears on the top right corner of the app

• Tap the option of Set Up Apple Pay link

• When you are prompted to add a new card be it debit card or credit card you can add the information related to it

• You can utilize the iSight camera to snap shots of your cards and the Passbook will help with auto-fill details about the card

• The cards that are supported by Apple Pay include: American Express cards, Visa, Bank of America, MasterCard, Citi, American Express, Wells Fargo, Chase, and Capital One.

• After adding your cards, you will be taken to the ‘Terms and Conditions’ page that you need to agree to. After this you can add more cards if you wish or go back to verify the added cards. This means that after adding a Chase Card you need to verify the card with Chase.

Cards Verification

It is essential that your cards are verified. For verification, the Passbook e-mails you the code or sends it through SMS or even through a call. It all depends on which method you have chosen to receive the code. When you receive the code copy and paste it into your Passbook. Your verified cards will be available in the virtual stack in the Passbook app.

You can rearrange the order of the cards by a simple “tap + drag” as per your convenience. However, remember that the first card stands for default payment. If you want to make payments with any card other than the default card then go to Settings for choosing another card or change the default card.

Purchasing goods with Apple Pay

Just when you are at a checkout counter you fumble through with the cash or cards to make the payment. However, if you know how to use Apple Pay then this won’t be the scenario. All you need to do is go near a contactless reader and hold your iPhone against it and your finger pressed to the Touch ID. When you hear the beep sound your payment is processed. The receipt is stored in your Passbook app as your record of purchase. To find out if a store is using this technology check for the contactless symbol near the reader at the checkout counter and you will be able to utilize it there. This technology is already available at 220,000 + stores in the US.

Storing Data on the Cloud

Advantages of Storing Data on the Cloud

Storing data on the cloud allows you to access your data and information from just about anywhere, increasing accessibility compared to traditional servers and storage options. Accessing your data on “The Cloud” is possible via mobile phone, tablet, or a laptop computer with Internet access.

You can also easily upgrade the amount of storage you have with your cloud storage solution. When you use the cloud to store your data, you are not required to invest in additional hard drives, as your information and data is stored online in a virtual “cloud” network.

Even when you are at risk of a server error issue, your data is most likely to be unaffected altogether when you are using a cloud storage system. When you are using a cloud storage service, you are less likely to encounter errors and issues with third-parties or with the amount of data storage you have available.

Using cloud computing to store and save data is more affordable than traditional storage costs. When you choose to use the cloud to store your data, you will be required to pay less in fees and hardware installation, as all of your information and data will be stored online.

When you use a cloud storage service it is possible for all of your employees to access your files and data from just about anywhere with a proper Internet connection. Using a cloud storage service is highly recommended if you have employees or individuals who are telecommuting to work with you.

Disadvantages of Using the Cloud to Store Your Data

One major disadvantage of using the cloud to store your data is that you are required to have an Internet connection to access your information at any time. If you do not have a wired or wireless Internet connection, you cannot access the documents or information you have uploaded to your cloud service. It is essential to consider how much Internet access you have at all times before you choose a cloud storage service. You can look into computer repairs to determine if you have an issue with your actual computer connecting to the Internet before going ahead with a cloud computing service.

Security is another issue that may arise when you are choosing to use the cloud to store your data. It is important to read and review all terms and conditions that come along with choosing a cloud storage service that is right for your needs. Enrolling in computer maintenance plans is another way to ensure your computer is also as secure as possible before using it to upload data and information to the cloud for any reason.

Features of 3D Pens

1. Compatible surfaces

The functionality of these pens is simple. Instead of ink, they use plastic in order to “write”. Moreover, a good pen can be used on almost all types of surfaces. So, make sure you don’t buy one that works on a certain surface.

What sets a good pen apart from others is how it responses and how convenient it is to use.

2. Required temperatures

The performance of the pen will change based on the temperature of the environment where you are in. So, it’s a good idea to read the description and reviews of the performance of the pen in different temperatures. Understanding your work environment is also an important thing to do. In a hot environment, the pen won’t be able to give its best.

3. Timing of the plastic

Since these pens use the heat technology to work, make sure the substance inside the pen comes out without any interruption. Actually, the plastic can become sticky in immense heat and some colors may look slightly different. Also, it’s a good idea to read reviews on the pens on different websites prior to buying it.

4. Cooling Time

This technology makes use of the heat and the pen works only when heat is applied. Once the plastic inside the pen heats up, you can use the pen to draw or doodle. The pen should also cool down once the plastic in the shell heats up. The pen won’t be useable if the cooling time is too high. There should be enough gap between the heating up and cooling down of the 3D pen.

5. Clogging Issues

When the pen begins to cool down, the plastic may get stuck in the containers. And if the plastic becomes clogged again and again, you may have to replace it often after each use. And this will cost you a lot of money.

Ensure Online Safety for Kid

Web Filter

The initial step towards ensuring online safety of your kids is to set a web filter. For this purpose, you need to install the OpenDNS that helps in filtering internet access. You will be given three options related to parental controls that include, Home VIP, Home and FamilyShield. The best option for protecting your family is FamilyShield that contains all the filtering options and essential security settings. If you want a magnified security then opt for Home VIP that will cost you $20 annually.

If you are looking to filter content on a mobile device then it is essential to install a browser with filtering options. You can also opt for K9 Web Protection available at Google Play that comes handy for Android devices and from Apple Store for your iOS enabled devices. If you are using device based on Windows 7.5 or 8 then AVG Family Safety is the best.

Windows Settings

You need to know that Microsoft has included parental controls within its systems. If you are running your system on Vista the parental controls will help you with setting filters for programs, games and web filtering options. Filter settings are based on the content ratings and even generate reports that can be e-mailed to you.

• For Vista and Windows 7, users enable Parental Controls settings go to Start, key in Parental Controls and hit Enter.

• Windows 8 users can go to Start Screen->Enter Family Safety->Settings-> Family Safety

If you are already using OpenDNS you can additionally use the inbuilt Web Filtering by Windows. Now your kid will be easily able to surf Yahoo, Bing and Google with enhanced safe-searching options. All the unwanted content will be blocked and will not be downloaded.

Windows Phone 8 comes with pre-defined feature of My Family. This feature enables in restricting game downloads and restrict app access. To restrict or block access to unrated games use the Windows Phone game front where you will find relevant settings.

For My Family go to Windows Phone site-> My Family->Parental Restriction->My Family List add Windows Live ID that is owned by your kid and select the filters that you need to add and enable them.

For Mac and iOS Devices

Users running Mac OS X 10.5 and 10.6 can do the following:

• Apple ->System Section-> System Preferences->Parental Controls
• In systems that run OS X 10.7 or later they can create an account for Parental Controls through automated process

For all those using iOS mobile devices can refer to Restrictions to block access. You will be able to easily restrict apps, Safari, FaceTime chatting and Camera settings. You will be able to gain control over deleting apps, installing apps and restrict basic tasks. Restricting content based on ratings and type can be restricted to use via PIN. This will also help you restrict online purchases without your permission.

Settings->General Section; this will help disable harmful apps.

To make settings for Restrictions go to Settings->General->Restrictions